Sunday, October 26, 2014

Want a Classic? And an update? When? Well....Now Is Time To the 68000 Heart on Fire! ALIEN SOLDIER! (Didn't expect that, did you?)

Hello me hearties, time for an update with a new video! The first in my new series: Shocking Showcases!  Think of this as an expansion of my Dingo Scraps series, only this wont be limited to giving video games a boost. It will feature broader ranges of content and concepts!

This is a classic run and gun game from Treasure Co Ltd., the same people who brought us the Sega Genesis classic, Gunstar Heroes! Speaking of Gunstar Heroes, a few bosses have cameos in this, one in particular leads to an incredibly compelling sequence!

I love this game so much that I wanted to make a tribute and remix it. I used an edited version of the European translation and blended it with some of the details in the Japanese version of the intro to create a clearer picture of the situation. I also added my own brand of showcasing and razzle-dazzle. (zounds..does anyone even say that anymore?)

I also teamed up with the lovely and talented Mary Alice White on voicing duties. Check the link for her artwork, she's really good!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Somethin's in the October air and progress!

Hello everybody, I'm back with another update. I've finally spruced up the Concept Corner and Voicebox sections of the site. You can find my a variety of things in each section such as videos, voice demos, audio plays and general mucking about. Watch this space, for a few things will be coming rather soon, and I'm pretty happy about their impending completion!

Huzzah! For organization!