Sunday, October 26, 2014

Want a Classic? And an update? When? Well....Now Is Time To the 68000 Heart on Fire! ALIEN SOLDIER! (Didn't expect that, did you?)

Hello me hearties, time for an update with a new video! The first in my new series: Shocking Showcases!  Think of this as an expansion of my Dingo Scraps series, only this wont be limited to giving video games a boost. It will feature broader ranges of content and concepts!

This is a classic run and gun game from Treasure Co Ltd., the same people who brought us the Sega Genesis classic, Gunstar Heroes! Speaking of Gunstar Heroes, a few bosses have cameos in this, one in particular leads to an incredibly compelling sequence!

I love this game so much that I wanted to make a tribute and remix it. I used an edited version of the European translation and blended it with some of the details in the Japanese version of the intro to create a clearer picture of the situation. I also added my own brand of showcasing and razzle-dazzle. (zounds..does anyone even say that anymore?)

I also teamed up with the lovely and talented Mary Alice White on voicing duties. Check the link for her artwork, she's really good!

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