Vocal Resume

2015 Roles

AGE OF WONDER: THE LOST SCROLLS [mirror] All Voices Chaz Carter & Danish Goel Browser Game
The Gun Game: Redux All Voices Chaz Carter & wmarsh Browser Game
Primal Champions Cog LewToons & MonoFlauta Browser Game
Military Men - Seize the Mountain Castle [Youtube] Nazi Captain Twin-Tales Web Animation
Technobabylon Dock Loader & Telephone Voices Technocrat Games & Wadjet Eye PC Game
Batman: Jungle Hunt 2 Bane MysticSkillz Web Animation
Epic Minequest 5 Steve, Creeper, Zomb, Bones Sam Green Web Animation
BubbleBoy Narrator Chaz Carter Browser Game
Final Fantasy 7 Machinabridged Soldiers Team Fourstar Web Animation
Bomberman Origins [Youtube] Narrator TerminalMontage Web Animation

Dragon Ball Multiverse ep 4
King Cold & Random Saiyan Bocodamondo Web Animation
Batman: Jungle Hunt 3 [Youtube Mirror] Bane MysticSkillz Web Animation


2014 Roles

Spanthera - [Kongregate Mirror]ALL VOICESRenson Kreig Gamboa & Danish GoelBrowser Game
Resident Evil: Code Pwanchi ep 3 Leon S. KennedyPwanchi ProductionsWeb Animation
Once Upon a Life - All voicesAll VoicesChaz CarterBrowser Game
Candy & Clyde: Blind DateCheesy GuyAnimyth ProductionsWeb Animation
Candy & Clyde: Pot...of GoldBar Guy 1Animyth ProductionsWeb Animation

Resident Evil: Code Pwanchi ep4
Leon S. KennedyPwanchi ProductionsWeb Animation
Eve of October 2: Sol TrinityProfessor Mason& Citizen MasonMars R. MarshallAnimated Film
New York Mysteries: Secrets of the Mafia (Collector's Edition)Mr. BishopBig Fish GamesPC Game
Diacrisis: IntroductionMatthewDino EnterprisesGame Trailer
Epic Minequest ep 4 [Youtube mirror] Creeper, Steve, Bones & Zomb, Spider-Gentleman, Pumpkin KidSam Green MediaWeb Animation
Dragon Ball Multiverse ep3Piccolo & Super Buu BocodamondoWeb Animation
Bazooki-pocalypse!All VoicesChaz CarterBrowser Game
Killing Spree VIIOfficer Barry & Medic 1Sam Green MediaWeb Animation
Dragon Ball Multiverse ep1 DUBPiccoloKool Keith ProductionsWeb Animation
Mario Fights CrimeMarioFuny-MonyWeb Animation
A Girl in a Room IIAlien Doctor- Room 4 (ReklessCreati0n's segment)ReklessCreati0nWeb Animation
Bobby Da Arrow!All VoicesChaz Carter & Danish GoelBrowser Game
Tequila ZombiesJeff & Misc. ZombiesIriySoftBrowser Game
Evil Fused Goku vs Super Saiyan 5 Vegeta (Dragon Ball Ex)PiccoloKool Keith Productions & opunuWeb Animation



2013 Roles

Prosnorkulus ep2  [Youtube mirror]Dylan & Roland (Guards), Sir Sterling SwiftMiddleFingerRingsWeb Animation
The Dark Knight: Alternate Ending  [Youtube mirror]Bale!Batman and BaneNicholas DearyWeb Animation
こんにちは桜井さん (Dear Masahiro Sakurai): Geno for Smash Bros! *yes I actually am speaking in Japanese*GenoJeremey ChinshueWeb Animation
The Walky Dead  [youtube mirror] [SPOILER WARNING FOR THE GAME!]LeeR-TacoWeb Animation
SaturateDetective Stique (Green Stickman)AlucardWeb Animation
ExoTemporal Excursion 4XleekEVanimationsWeb Animation
Dragon Ball Multiverse ep 2 - Piccolo and King ColdPiccolo & King ColdBocodamondoWeb Animation
Covet They GeodudeRick RockSamson LoftinWeb Animation
Just a Monday Collab(Revolutionary Segment) Kid, Master Chief, ConnorReklessCreati0nWeb Animation
Soldiers Without Borders ep 4StoneCPM StudiosWeb Animation
Jurassic Park in 30 SecondsJohn Hammond, Dr. Grant, Dr. MalcomNicholas DearyWeb Animation
The App Story [BlipTV mirror]LinkedInRoss BollingerWeb Animation
Get With the TimesNews AnchorOdell AtkinsonWeb Animation
Omega Ep6"The Doctor"JTmovieWeb Animation
Deus Ex: The FallBelltower Spec Ops nFusion Interactive LLCMulti Platform Game
Aces Wild: Manic Brawling Action!Gene DriftCulture Attack StudioPC Game
Age of WonderAll VoicesChaz CarterBrowser Game
Epic Minequest ep3 [Newgrounds mirror]Creeper, Steve, Bones, ZombSam Green MediaWeb Animation
Once Upon a LifeAll VoicesChaz CarterBrowser Game
Soldier's Without Borders ep 5StoneCPM StudiosWeb Animation
The Dark Critic RisesFirst Speaking ThugCPM StudiosWeb Animation
Four Swords Misadventures ep 9 [Newgrounds mirror]OshusVictor FioriWeb Animation
Over 9,000!DovahkiinAviticus DragonWeb Animation



2012 Roles

April's Diary ch2LeonardoMidnite Lily ProductionsAudio Play
The Hills Have Eggs  [WARNING ADULT CONTENT]Chickenbeast / MonsterOlibithWeb Animation
Prosnorkulus ep1 "Douchebag Guard" & King BadabingMiddleFingerRingsWeb Animation
Epic Minecraft Quest ep 1  [Newgrounds link]Steve & CreeperSam Green MediaWeb Animation
Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest DawnWilliam Kleir & VariousAnton RomanyukPC Game
Soldiers Without Borders ep2StoneCPM StudiosWeb Animation
The Journey Down 1: Over the Edge!KitoSkyGoblin GamesMulti Platform Game
Dinosaur AnimationPaul & RexRogerToonTimeWeb Animation
War of the Shyguys GoombarioEASTBEASTWeb Animation
Shao Khan Party II [WARNING MATURE CONTENT]Kung LaoAlucardWeb Animation
Dust: An Elysian TailBlop
Microsoft Studios / Humble Hearts
XBLA & Steam
Street Fighter: Fight....or Fetish?! [Youtube Mirror]
RyuVictor FioriWeb Animation
Zubatman: The Animated Series IntroZubatmanJeremey ChinshueWeb Animation
Yoshi Hates CastlesYoshiMOC-ProductionsWeb Animation
Soldiers Without Borders ep 3StoneCPM StudiosWeb Animation
Heroes of NewerthFrankie Pebbles & Frosty the IceMageS2GamesPC Game
Gears of War Multiplayer  [Youtube link]All VoicesNicholas DearyWeb Animation
Epic MineQuest ep2 [Youtube link]Steve, Creeper, Bones, ZombSam Green MediaWeb Animation
4 Swords Misadventures ep8Oshus (The Old Man)Victor FioriWeb Animation
Zubatman Eats a Rare CandyZubatmanJeremey ChinshueWeb Animation



2011 Roles

King's Quest III Redux: To Heir Is HumanMale MouseAGD InteractivePC Game
XKore Eden (Acid Remix)Narrator for Song IntroAcid-Paradox Song
Hunters Stage 3DracoRheteBrowser Game
Hunters Stage 6Draco, RigelRheteBrowser Game
Staff Sumo SmackdownAnnouncerManly-Chicken &RedHarvestBrowser Game
RE: Code Pwanchi ep1Leon S. KennedyPwanchi ProductionsWeb Animation
Eve of October pt 1Cardinal Goya & Professor MasonMars R. MarshallAnimated Film
Adcoholic ToddNarrator / ToddTeam Circle JerksWeb Animation
Artist Gamer Girl Cartoons: Mario's reward  [Newgrounds Mirror]
MarioLaura KergerWeb Animation
Complicity Syndicate pt 1BlackpoolCPM StudiosWeb Animation
Complicity Syndicate pt 2StoneCPM StudiosWeb Animation
The Jersey SituationAngry Guido (The Player)Vinny LinguineWeb Animation
VG Exiles Episode ep 3Charlie NashTerry RiggsWeb Animation
Madness HeistCarlMOC-ProductionsWeb Animation
DemigodsNarratorjavarush214Web Animation
RE: Code Pwanchi ep 2Leon S. KennedyPwanchi ProductionsWeb Animation
Echo Force Zero ep 1Narrator & FassnerRedHarvestWeb Animation
Dovahkiin's SecretAnnoying Old Man & DovahkiinSam Green MediaWeb Animation
NemesiSKiller/ NarratorTim van HelsdingenShort Film



2010 Roles

Final Fantasy: Goddess Chronicles ep 1, part 3Raiga the DestroyerBowser089Audio Play
The Game Trailer Collab- Red Fraction Narrator, Waluigi's World Narrator and Waluigi himselfSh0t-D0wn & RedHarvestWeb Animation
Automata Chapter 1Rude Cop1Chris ChristmanMotion Comic
A TF2 Short: Sniper and Spy's JokesSniperEdbotnikWeb Animation
Replacing PicoTom Fulp, P-Bot
Web Animation
Pico's BrotherDoctorSyringes & RedHarvestWeb Animation
Tankmen: Dual Part1VisorJohnathan WrathborneWeb Animation
Tankmen: Dual Part 2VisorJohnathan WrathborneWeb Animation
The Lady Noir CollabGreed & Random mobster (scene 3)RedHarvest & Kieran-SWeb Animation
Fflap.comNarratorNathaniel MilburnCommercial
Social Network DevelopmentNarratorNathaniel Milburn
iPhone AppsNarratorNathaniel Milburn
Bone: The Radio Play; Chapter 1: The MapSmiley BoneB McCauleyAudio Play
A Robot In DisguiseOptimus PrimehrechkanessWeb Animation
Hellami ep 2Shark in ChurchBlack-CrystalWeb Animation
Clock Hijinx Concerned TownsmanRedHarvestWeb Animation
Superhero Slayers 4Wolverine, Ben Grimm/The ThingXennethyWeb Animation
Gotham HeatHarvey BullockMOC-ProductionsWeb Animation
Risen Heroes
Aged Narrator
Nax TorresWeb Animation
The Dub CollabRobots (in EVanimations segment)EVanimationsWeb Animation
SnakebiteProfessor Python/Final BossVinny LinguineBrowser Game
Street Fighter II: The Satire EditionRyu, Guile, Zangief, M.Bison (Dictator)Victor FioriWeb Animation
Halo: BOM
SargTheSinWeb Animation




A VAC Valentines For GirlsNarratorKalcamanAudio Play
The Unwanteds Chapter 1MakoR-TacoWeb Animation
Monster Hunter Freedom Shorts ep 3Gunner 124VikingLockWeb Animation
Wolf's Retarded Mission 7 [Part1] [Part2]Star WolfDexter ManningWeb Animation
Dhalsimigans Street Fighter Parody
All Male VoicesSam Green MediaWeb Animation
One More Brawl TauntsOlimarChris Niosi & Kira BucklandWeb Animation
Newgrounds Street Fighter Collab [WARNING ADULT CONTENT FEATURED] Proposing Man, Dhalsim, Construction Worker, (Dhalsimigans-- Master-Samus entry)  NewgroundsWeb Animation
How the Swine Flu Started [WARNING ADULT CONTENT]Canadian & American reactionsSam Green MediaWeb Animation
JLA / Avengers PreludeCaptain AmericaBinary Picture ShoeWeb Animation
Camp Panda OPS Episode 10 [Part1] [Part2] [Part3]Major, AlterEgo, Jenkins CPM StudiosWeb Animation
Camp Panda OPS Episode 11 [Part1] [Part2]Major, AlterEgo, Jenkins CPM StudiosWeb Animation
Downfall Episode 2WolfBlackAndWhite9999Web Animation
KK versus FF: The FightBattle Grunts etcHulalaooWeb Animation
Fire Emblem: The Blazing Sword [Intro] [Scene01] [Scene02-a] [Scene02-b] [Scene03]Batta the Beastsapphire26111Audio Play
TF2 Tegaki RP Character Sound Check 02KirkKimlinh TranAudio
Never Stay Tuned Episode 4Woody Forest, MorpheusOlibithWeb Animation
VG Exiles Episode 2Charlie NashTerry RiggsWeb Animation
The VG Cats Adaptation With No Name Episode 9Darth VaderEdwyn TiongMotion Comic
Cross Board Love/v/GeneralIvanMotion Comic
VA Radio Episode 6  [Mirror]
Madness: GenesisAgent RaybornRedHarvestWeb Animation
Disney Collab  [Warning: Adult content] Opening Aged Narrator, Peter Pan, Snake KaaRedHarvestWeb Animation
Battle of 1999: Episode 1Ty GrantWill KnavisonAudio Play
White Phoenix ep4 Mystery killer/ Angel of DeathDexter ManningWeb Animation
Camp Panda OPS Episode 12  [Part1] [Part2]Major, Jenkins, Alter EgoCPM StudiosWeb Animation
Metal Gear: Mantis FailPsycho Mantis and SnakeSykemindWeb Animation
The Charlie Brown MurdersDr. PetersonThe-Real-Joe-CoolWeb Animation
The VG Cats Adaptation With No Name: Halloween SpecialPatient/Hellspawn Edwyn TiongMotion Comic
The VG Cats Adaptation With No Name: Christmas Special BonusMyselfEdwyn TiongMotion Comic
Halo: GT ep1
Brutes, Ethan Karev, Carlos Garcia
TheSinWeb Animation



2008 Roles

Frost Ep3 [Alt streaming link] JackSnoken ProductionsWeb Animation
Camp Panda OPS Episode 7 Major and JenkinsCPM StudiosWeb Animation

Phoenix Wright: Crack For All (Flash ver.)
Director HottiKira Buckland & Billy MonksWeb Animation
Drunken Masters Johnny Valentine & The JudgeJohnny SedonaBrowser Game
(Circus-13) Uncanny X-men ep3: Fallout!
ColossusCircus-13 ProductionsAudio Play
Camp Panda OPS Episode 8 [Part 1] [Part 2]MajorCPM StudiosWeb Animation
Psycho Mantis' FlawPsycho MantisFaltaVivaWeb Animation
Life As We Know It Peacock, Tiger, Extra Bird Kimlinh TranAudio Play
Phoenix (Re)Wright: First Turnabout-   [Alt link]Guard2 & Winston PayneSapphireAudio Play
Wolf's Retarded Mission ep1 [Warning Mature Content]Star WolfDexter ManningWeb Animation
Monster Hunter Freedom Shorts2 Gunner 124VikingLockWeb Animation
Dirty Split George Ocean, Paulie Fourfingers, Butler, Vito PintaforeUwe SittigPC Game
Wolf's Retarded Mission ep2 [Warning- Mature Content]Star WolfDexter ManningWeb Animation
Superhero Slayers Reel 2Wolverine & CazoXennethWeb Animation
Wolf's Retarded Mission ep3  [Warning- Mature Content]Star WolfDexter ManningWeb Animation
The Bountiful ChestNarrators / AnnouncersOlibithWeb Animation
Camp Panda OPS Episode 9 [Part1] [Part2]Major & JenkinsCPM StudiosWeb Animation
Wolf's Retarded Mission ep4 [Warning- Mature Content]Star WolfDexter ManningWeb Animation
Wolf's Retarded Mission ep5 [Warning- Mature Content]Star WolfDexter ManningWeb Animation
Turnabout Samurai [Investigation #1 - Scene 01]Will PowersSapphireAudio Play
The Adventures of Steve ep 3Lackey 1 and 2Neo-Egyptian Web Animation
Wolf's Retarded Mission ep6  [Warning- Mature Content]Star WolfDexter ManningWeb Animation
The Invincible Iron Man #2HulkCircus-13 ProductionsAudio Play
Turnabout Samurai [Investigation #1 - Scene 03]Will PowersSapphireAudio Play
Interview by Dexterboy124
MyselfDexter ManningInterview
Valhalla ep3Companion CubeNintendodgod64Web Animation
Valhalla ep4Companion CubeNintendodgod64Web Animation
"The Unknown Stars of Voice Acting" InterviewMyselfGeneralIvanInterview

Guns of the AwesomeLiquid OcelotCallum StampWeb Animation
VAC Christmas CarolMyself / Confused ManKalcamanAudio Play



2007 Roles

Aldranea IISvenChaltab
X-men: Days of Future Past! part1
Colossus/Peter & SentinelCircus-13 ProductionsAudio Play
X-men: Days of Future Past! part2Colossus/Peter & SentinelCircus-13 ProductionsAudio Play
(Circus 13) Uncanny X-men ep1: RubiconColossusCircus-13 ProductionsAudio Play
(Circus 13) Uncanny X-men ep2: FirestormColossusCircus-13 ProductionsAudio Play
(Circus 13) The Invincible Ironman ep1: The Heart of the MatterHulk, Hydra Henchman, Reporter, High-Voiced Techie in introCircus-13 ProductionsAudio Play
(Circus 13) Uncanny X-men ep3: FalloutColossusCircus-13 ProductionsAudio Play
(Circus 13) The Invincible Ironman ep2: Hulk Smash!HulkCircus-13 ProductionsAudio Play
Resident Evil Foar!!Jack KrauserFaltaVivaWeb Animation
Spidey Gets Stoned [Warning Mature Content]Hippy & Venom Red-Wolf StudiosWeb Animation
Stigg's Veggie-MaticTeacherWarpZoneBrowser Game
Camp Panda Ops episode 4 [Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ]MajorCPM StudiosWeb Animation
Camp Panda Ops Episode 5 [Part 1] [Part 2]Jenkins & MajorCPM StudiosWeb Animation
Camp Panda Ops Episode 6MajorCPM StudiosWeb Animation
Phoenix Wright: Crack For All! Director HottiKira BucklandAudio Play
Sonic's X-mas Special 3Dr. Eggmansweet-kat22Web Animation
A Very Baka ChristmasSanta, Serious RedArieo-DelacroixWeb Animation
National Discovery : Elekks of Nagrand [Youtube mirror] [Language Warning]
Mr. Woody Forest (Narrator)OlibithWeb Animation


2006 Roles

The Gerogina and Creep show Ep1 "Pardon me" and "How do I take over the world?" CallersLanton EntertainmentAudio Play
The Georgina and Creep Show ep 2 part 2Persistent Russian CallerLanton EntertainmentAudio Play
Metroid Invasion ep1Rodch33ksWeb Animation
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Promo AdvertFord PerfectFiona ConnAudio Play
About a TabletBacteria & the White Blood CellsCefaclorAudio Play
Near your ear Poems: O Captain, My CaptainNarratorNear Your EarAudio Play
Resident Evil: Breakdown [Link Expired]Albert Wesker & David WestwickAlpha-Omega FilmsWeb Animation
Superman: Man of Steel Chapter 1Clark Kent & SupermanMidnight Hana ProductionsAudio Play
Bai Su Zhen:: Imperfect 3rd ActXu ShengReaperAudio Play
Superman: Man of Steel Chapter 2Clark Kent & SupermanMidnight Hana ProductionsAudio Play
Superman vs Doomsday PrologueClark Kent & SupermanMidnight Hana ProductionsAudio Play
Tears of HeavenStanley Coppola & Pentagon OfficialAlpha-Omega FilmsWeb Animation
S.I.N.: GenesisDyneXero-ShiftWeb Animation
Splinter Cell MarioCaptured ScientistRod PetrieWeb Animation
Who Goes There? part 2GeneralGrimEntertainmentWeb Animation
SNK vs Capcom:Chaos episode1Balrog, Geese Howard, GuilePokejedservoAudio Play
Superman: Man of Steel Chapter 3Clark Kent & SupermanMidnight Hana ProductionsAudio Play
S.I.N.: Tortured SoulDyneXero-ShiftWeb Animation


2005 Roles

The Orc RingOrcAsvegrenBrowser Game
Metal Gear Solid for RetardsAll Russian SoldiersFlash-HoundsWeb Animation
The New Future ep3Axed ManXirusWeb Animation
Who Goes There? part 2- GeneralGeneralGrimEntertainmentWeb Animation
Ninja Penguins ep2 The Unseen NewsmanminimanWeb Animation
Strand GrowAnnouncer & CustomerRoland LomasWeb Animation
Castlevania 2(GGT)Johnny BartenderRoger GargantuaWeb Animation
Metal Slug:RE Special edition Soldier 1, Truck Driver, CaptainDusty-GorillaWeb Animation
Hunters Episode 1Rigel & DracoRheteWeb Animation
Hero Squad episode2 - Commie Nazis & George ClooneyYuriytheBestWeb Animation
Moogle Adventures episode 1All Male Charactersjenova-absoluteWeb Animation
Star Wars Civil Wars ep 1 Clone Troopers, Commander Cable, Darth RevantheqookiemonsterWeb Animation
Sonic's Xmas Special - EggmanEggmansweet-kat22Web Animation
Quotes ProjectEinstein & ConfusiusNear Your EarAudio Play
Goldilocks and the Three BearsNarratorNear Your EarAudio Play

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