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Here you can find past Voice Demos and audio plays!

Voice Demos:

2008 Demo prototype

2008 Voice Demo:

2011 Demo (New Mic):

2014 Character Demo:

Audio Plays and Monologues:

Punisher: Welcome Back, Frank (Opening Scene)

I've been interested in the exploits of Frank Castle. Garth Ennis' acclaimed run of the character  gave him new life, memorable foes and encounters. I made this audio around the time I got my Samson C01U Mic, unfortunately, just a bit after I made the clip, I lost the original file in a hard drive crash. I would have gone back and reduce the echo, but I'm still very proud of how it came out.

The Growing Madness

Believe it or not, this disturbed monologue is based off of an episode of Ren and Stimpy. I saw Ren having a breakdown after managing Stimpy's fanclub and thought this would make for some good content.....I was not disappointed.

Carnage: Mind Bomb

My adaptation of Warren Ellis' take on Cletus Kasady. This one-shot comic delved into the mind of occasional Spider-man foe and career serial killer, Carnage. It showed that Kasady isn't just random spree killer, but a man in possession of a rather twisted and explicit world view. One man is eager to see what makes Cletus tick, and predictably, things end in tragedy. Give it a listen and enjoy Spidey and symbiote fans!

Castlevania: Simon Belmont and Alucard face Dracula

A quick take on the famous "What is a man?!" speech from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. I heard Nick Perrin's beautiful piece entitled the Belmont Legend and just had to throw something together. Have fun and watch out for flying wine glasses!

Mighty Marvel Moments: Deadpool

I love Deadpool. Some people love him for the humour, but I also love him for his complexities. I wanted to show 'ol Wade at more dramatic moments, so I pulled my favorite moments from past comics and whipped this up. My particular favourite scene in this is scene 2--the end to Wade's nemesis Ajax. A great scene at the end of a fantastic arc-- check it out if you haven't read it....don't worry. I'll wait.

MicSpam 1: Eddie Brock in Marvel Superheroes 2

I had the idea of making an imaginary sequel to Capcom's famous fighter, Marvel Superheroes. In this clip we examine a special extra mode that allows you to do various things; view profiles, alternate costumes, and other unlockables. The player accesses mission mode and is rewarded with a cinema sequence before being allowed to play a series of Side-Scrolling beat 'em up mini games that take place before the events of the game. Phew, that's a mouthful. Enjoy Venomites and give lots of love to ol' Anti-Venom and Spidey.

NGF11-NG Elite

This was for one of the 2011 voice acting contests on We had a choice of characters to portray, so I chose one of the Elite Tankmen of the site and...basically went on a rambling rampage Shockdingo style.

The Worst Burrito Ever! (Strong Profanity warning)

One of my friends shared a link of a rant by a tumblr user named luckyshirt and a bunch of us voice acting folk decided to give it our own spin. I had way too much fun with this and would love to do something like this again.

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