Concept Corner

This section is home to various proofs of concepts! Whether it's me showing how I'd approach a certain character or two, or conceptualizing game mechanics. If it's rumbling around in my head as an experiment, you'll find it here! Enjoy!

Voice Concepts 

Skullgirls Voice Concepts 1: Brain Drain, Beowulf, and Adam Kapowski

I love Skullgirls, it's quite fun, has a surprisingly compelling and complex lore, great music and fantastic character designs made by Alex Ahad. During the voting phase a few characters caught my eye, Beowulf and Brain Drain in particular seemed to be rather interesting. Seeing how menacing, yet classy Brain Drain was drew me in. I based my performance off of the amazing Simon Templeman who played Dr. Doom in the final season of the 90's Fantastic Four cartoon. Being a villain who's so articulate, classy and armed with stealth insults is way too much fun to pass up.

Beowulf is also a lot of fun. He's built up of various wrestling motifs and bundled together with the legend of Beowulf. He's energetic and a real showman. Even though the late and great Randy Savage is listed as one of his influences, I chose not to follow suit with his voice. I feel the Macho Man elements will come through visually and in Beowulf's personality, so therefore I felt I could base my interpretation of the voice off of his looks. Looking at the latest images in his development, I can see that he'll be loads of fun to play as. Anyways, check it out and enjoy!

Skullgirls Voice Concepts 2: Brain Drain try 2

After the first video I simply had too much fun with Brain Drain, so I came back for more! This video contains concepts for moves, character specific intros and win phrases, and maaaaybe a reference to a movie...or two....or three.

Mighty No. 9 Voice Concepts

Comcept and Keiji  Inafune's ambitious resurrection of the the Blue Bomber has captured my attention. I've loved the Mega Man series for ages (heck, I owe my online name to the Mega Man X series) and am rather excited about this new franchise.

Like many things that I get hyped for, I wanted to put my own spin on things, so when the moderator's of the official Mighty N0. 9 forums proposed a community activity that involved voice acting, I couldn't resist. I took the audio clips that I created and decided to place them into a video for the sake of presentation. I also tried to voice Beck, but my voice is much too deep and old for anything convincing, so I left that on the cutting room floor.

Shadaloo - Element 3d Teaser

If there's one thing that I love, that's Street Fighter (and voicing M. Bison). I was experimenting with Andrew Kramer's fantastic product - Element 3D and decided to start off with the iconic image of Shadaloo. I wanted to make this like it was a teaser commercial or online ad for a Street Fighter film that only lives in my imagination.

Revolver 8 

I love making concepts for games, comic characters and just brainstorming in general. Ages ago, I had just title that I envisioned; Revolver8. Later I kept adding to the concept and basically arrived on the idea of an immortal cowboy slowly marching through time, delivering justice along the way.

Using yet another Andrew Kramer After Effects plug in, I decided to make the logo. Hope you enjoy!

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