Sunday, January 31, 2016

Happy New I late?!

Happy New Year everyone! I know it's a few hours (or less) to February, but I still wanted to wish you all well and show that I'm still around. I have been busy with some life changes, but I still have been voice acting here and there and it's time to breath some life back into my page.

Here's some updates from the tail end of last year to this morning.

Bubbleboy In Dreamland teams me up with the wonderful Chaz Carter aka FlashChaz once again to bring you a dreamy and enjoyable experience! I'm your Dreamstation attendant or narrator, if you prefer.

Get prepared for another tantalizing Toriyama Treatment by Bocodamondo in Dragon Ball Multiverse Episode 4! I voice the Frigidly Fabulous King Cold and an anonymous Saiyan. Here's to alliteration!

Batman Jungle Hunt 3 is the latest installment of MysticSkillz's Batman sprite series. Sure the fights are amazing, but it's got a narrative to boot! I reprise my role as Bane!

Next up, I teamed up with StoryBreakers, one of my favourite podcasts to bring you #ExplainAPlot- Termnator Genisys! This is taking a look at how absurd Hollywood blockbusters have become with their plots. If you haven't checked out StoryBreakers, do so now! They entertainingly brainstorm movie ideas and if you like a concept, it's yours! (Just...y'know...CREDIT them for it.)

Welcome to Winkletown! Do you like dapper mustaches? Murder Mysteries and Capers? Are you salivating at the chance to solve them? Well you're in luck and boy, does Chaz have something for you! First team up of the new year! I'm on all voicing duties, ckpengine is on programming and Chaz is behind design.

My dear, and talented friend JewelMaiden has just released a Megaman Zero mini game, one of many coming as part of a project that aims to expand the tale of the Guardians from their perspective. Hear my rage as the mighty Fefnir and rack up the highest score, or face his wraith!

In other news, I'm nearing the completion of a personal project or two. When they're done, you'll see them here!

That's if for now folks, until next time!

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