Dingo Scraps

Originally starting as an excuse to mess about with Windows Movie Maker, this series evolved into me adding audio to previously silent game cinematics, and a general showcase of things interesting.  Enjoy, there's more on the way!

Episode 0

Episode 1

Episode 2: Heroes In Action (Featuring the vocal talents Kira Buckland)

Episode 3: Here Comes a New Challenger (Featuring the Vocal Talents of the VAC)

Episode 3a: MvC Endings the Shockdingo Way

Episode 4: Summer Dubs (Featuring the vocal talents of the VAC)

Episode 4a: Marvel Endings the Shockdingo Way (Punisher Arcade Ending)

Episode 5:  World Warriors (Featuring the talents of the VAC)

Episode 6: Bad Blood (In development)

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